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Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann

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Dipl. Ing. Kaia Lang and Dr. Christian M. Müller in collaboration with Dr. Gabi Lahner

The contents of the internet webpages should convey an overview about the ICNF's activities, strategies and projects in the field of neurosciences. Particular attention is paid to the accuracy, up-to-dateness, completeness, comprehensability and ready availability of the provided information.
Nevertheless, the following restrictions must be made:

Contents from other parties
Links on these pages to contents provided by third internet parties are provided to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost accuracy. These links should merely serve to access their sites. Particular attention was paid to the trustworthiness, correctness and legitimacy of these internet sites.
Since the contents of internet sites can change at any time, however, the constant verification of all contents to which a link was made is not at any rate possible. Solely the providers of the contents made available by these third internet parties, whose websites are linked with our own, are responsible. The ICNF explicitly does not adopt these contents. Exclusively the respective third party provider of the site to which has been referred is liable for damage incurred due to the use or disuse of their internet sites.

Contents of this website
The information, recommendations or advice appearing on these pages are not binding. They are provided to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost care.
The following limitation of liability applies to the offered information: The ICNF is not liable for damages incurred due to the use or disuse of offered information. Furthermore the ICNF is not liable for possible damage that may be caused by computer viruses during the selection or downloading of data.

Error messages
If applicable, we ask you the user to inform us about incorrect contents on the websites of third parties to which links have been made from this site. Likewise we ask to be notified at the given contact address if contents of this website are not accurate, current, complete and understandable.

Protection of privacy
It is possible to use these internet pages without disclosing personally identifiable information.
If you send us an e-mail, solely this e-mail as well as your e-mail address will be used for corresponding with you. The use of the private domain is only available to a restricted group of people.

Each time our server is accessed, temporary data will be saved for statistical and security reasons. With the exception of information pertaining to the use of the private domain, this data will not be personally identifiably saved or interpreted.
We reserve the right to initiate a search for personally identifiable information with the help of data records if prohibited access or attempts to unlawfully access our server have been made.

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